Policías, animals, female Ganados and something else…

Hello everyone! It took me some time to post something new because I’ve been working on several things at the same time. (For example, I’ve started the remastering process for some additional characters and enemies that I’m not showing today, but they are not finished yet.)

NOTICE: The colour and lighting differences are a consequence of the lighting edits we’ve made throughout the game and it’s not related to the characters’ remastering process.

Today I’ll show you the following:

  • “Policías”: I’ve re-created their faces and clothes and I’ve adjusted the oldest policeman’s shirt collar to avoid some clipping issues. It seems the developers used the same exact model for both policemen. They just made the oldest one slightly fatter, but they didn’t take into consideration that his neck is also thicker.
  • Female Ganados: I’ve done the same as I did with the male Ganados: All new textures and minor 3D adjustments. I also remastered all the Ganados’ ears (I simply used the cutscene head models), adjusted the backs of their necks to correct seam issues, and revised some previously remastered textures (the hair of the dead ganado in the image gallery bellow is an example)
  • Animals: Nothing really impressive here. I simply retextured the animals. I replaced the in-game dog model with the slightly more detailed dog model from the “El Gigante” cutscene and I improved the cows’ ear and horn models.
  • Leon’s jacket: I’ve added more polygons to the shoulder and arm areas. The improvement is really noticeable!
  • Chapter 1 End Screen Background image: This is my favourite. I really like the results and it’s really entertaining to re-create these kinds of static images!

BONUS! Here’s a clean shot of this image [CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE] so you can use it as a wallpaper if you want:

And here are the comparison images 😉 Enjoy!


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86 responses to “Policías, animals, female Ganados and something else…”

  1. AngeredFox says:

    This looks great! Can’t wait until final release!

  2. Alireza says:

    The wallpaper is NOW the real Leon.
    Its really cool.
    Nice work

  3. NEGAARMAX says:

    Cada vez se ve esto mucho y mucho mejor, realmente me encanta en especial el hecho de que decidieran hacer a los animales en HD casi nadie se preocupa por ellos :,v
    En fin esperare al siguiente update.
    PD: harán las imágenes de los demás end chapters? lo pregunto porque a mi me encanta el del 4-4 de ADA .

  4. Jonatan Oliveira says:

    Great work, as always!

  5. Benjamin Mendez says:

    Hey, you guys are doing a fantastic job! I thought I’d give my two cents on something really quick though. The dog in the trap, is there any way you can fix him to be more of a white German shepherd how he was intended to be? He is a cameo from the game Haunting Ground named Hewie, and in that game he’s white. I don’t mean to talk crap your work, it’s amazing. Just thought I’d make a small suggestion thank you.

    • Sean says:

      [I replaced the ingame dog model with the slightly more detailed dog model from the “El Gigante” cutscene]

      I remember the dog being white. Not sure why the cutscene has him grey, but the Gigante fight is after it rains so it would make sense that the dog got dirty… does he change colors from grey in the cutscene back to white, when fighting Gigante in the original?


      This ^ image looks fine


      This ^ looks different from the first one way darker, but it hasnt even rained yet

      • albert says:

        Oh they are 2 different dogs. The second one is the dog you find in the farm area. It’s another dog and it’s brown haired

        Both the first one you help and the one that helps you in El Gigante battle (the same dog with the wound in the leg) share the exact same colour and brightness. The differences you see are just because of the different lighting the areas have.
        The original texture is closer to a dirty white than a pure white. After all, I don’t think nobody take care of him and it’s quite normal the dog is dirty.

        It’s quite sad the dog simply disappear after the battle! A goodbye sequence with the dog was needed IMO

        • Sean says:

          [The second one is the dog you find in the farm area. It’s another dog and it’s brown haired.]

          I knew there was a dog in the farm area, but I always assumed it was the same dog like it was following you… seems odd otherwise lol

          • albert says:

            Hehe no no, that’s why he’s scared of Leon and he always runs away when you get close to him… I guess the Ganados doesn’t take care of him properly and he’s afraid of all humans, poor dog…

    • LUCHOPRO says:

      magnifico comentario yo opino exactamente lo mismo aunque el modelo ya es bueno pero la pata del perro no parece realmente atrapada y la herida no es muy realista si se mejora eso increible

  6. Silver812 says:

    Me he echado unas buenas risas con el gallo, muy conseguido!!
    Y de verdad que estáis haciendo un gran trabajo y ojalá que algún día Capcom contacte con vosotros para compraros vuestro estupendo trabajo de retexturización fiel al entorno para un posible remake que hagan.

  7. MAGG says:

    Gran trabajo como siempre. Una duda ¿Sabes que decia originalmente el texto de fondo en ANIMALSG.jpg? Solo entiendo “If you lost your position”

    • albert says:

      Seguramente era un texto random que sacaron de cualquier sitio XD
      No he descifrado nada que pudiera tener sentido o estar relacionado con el juego…

  8. victor says:

    Amazing job !

  9. V I D A L says:

    Fantastic as always.. The woman Ganado.. wow!
    Love the higher poly jacket too.
    As for the static image for end of chapter/wallpaper.. it seems like Leon is missing a thumb 😉

    • albert says:

      Haha no no, it’s there but it’s darker XD
      I’ll polish a few things but I’d say this is more or less the best we can get. The original image is obviously a heavily photoshoped image from a game model render

  10. Pliskin says:

    Beautiful work guys; are you going to remaster all the chapter end screen images?

  11. Max says:

    I have questions
    1. the chickens look low poly. Are you planning on increasing it.
    2. Some of the animals like the chickens, i can see the seams or lines.Are you making some 3D adjustments to that?

    • albert says:

      Good questions!
      1. I’m not sure yet. they are in constant movement and they are quite small. I’ll decide it when I do the final revision.
      2. Yep. I guess it’s easy to fix by simply adjusting the textures 🙂 I guess the chicken neck is the most obvious…

  12. Globy says:

    On the “wallpaper” at the left of Leon’s hand it looks like a pixel mess to me more than weapon or clothes part, am i the only one to think it’s not supposed to be like that?

    • albert says:

      Oh yes. I don’t know why the render process made those pixels that oversaturated. That’s a piece of the jacket haha.
      I’ll fix that in the final version.

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  14. Frank Nitty says:

    Your skin retouches and improvements are pretty freaking phenomenal. Awesome work guys

  15. Nicolas Mumba says:

    Am going to replay this right now & this looks amazing can’t wait to try it out add some gore to it please

  16. Gerald Redfield says:

    Everything looks great, especially the chicken, but I still think Leon shouldn’t have the gun sling across his chest when he has the jacket, they obviously decided to leave it out of his design in all of the art, so it should be respected, the other option is provide 2 versions of the chapter clear images and a switch to turn the strap off in the first half of the game

    • albert says:

      Well… I really don’t know th story behind why they didn’t include all his tactical accesories while he’s wearing the jacket. In my opinion there are several options:
      -Someone design Leon with Jacket withouit taking into consideration they would remove it later.
      -Someone else decide the jacket was annoying (there are several reasons that jacket wouldn’t work at all in certain cutscenes. It limitates Leon’s movements a lot and it generates constant clipping issues hith Leon’s head when he perform certain movements.
      -They decide or forget to make both designs consistent each other.
      -I also think they removed on pupose everything because both the flashlight and the rear pocket clips terribly bad with the jacket (I had to adapt size of both of them) Also, one of the pieces of the pant to adjust the belt is missing, precissely the one that’s where the flashlight was placed. IMO this is a prove they remove it after seeing the clipping issues the flashlight generates with the jacket

      In any case, in my opinion the design with the tactical accessories doesn’t change Leon with jacket overall design/look and it conceals that obvious problem when all those accessories appear from nowhere.

      Any other thoughts about this matter are wellcome!!
      Thankl you for your comments and I really understang your point of view. let’s see what other people has to say about it. I’ll also take a look at the original designs later 😉

    • Gerald Redfield says:

      >all those accessories appear from nowhere.
      maybe the merchant gifted the gunsling and equipment to leon while he was tied up!

      I did a bit more investigation, turns out the chest strap is optional, and it’s actually called a ‘shoulder holster’
      we can assume leon had it the whole time, but clipped to his pants, then fastened the chest strap after he lost his jacket… somehow!
      if you think about it, leon won’t be hiding the fact he’s carrying a gun if he fastens the chest strap
      I think continuity breaks are fine if they were in the original, sometimes in films they reverse shots because it looks better or makes more sense to the audience, even if it changes where the badges are on uniforms…

      hrmmmm in the evil within 1 AND 2 (also by shinji mikami)
      sebastian doesn’t have a chest strap!


      what do you think? 🙂

  17. Gerald Redfield says:

    Also I agree with all the possible scenarios about the accessories and the jacket for the game, but in the promo art renders, where they don’t have to worry about story continuity and can adjust everything to be perfect without worrying about clipping, they decided not to have the chest strap or they hadn’t modelled it at the time they rendered them
    I still think the chest strap may be a modelling mistake by one of capcom’s artists, since its not in the concept art, but nobody noticed or everyone was too busy trying to get the game done

    I can’t wait to play your HD mod and I’m trying to force some of my friends to play it too, even though they refuse to play RE4, but with your mod, they MIGHT play it

  18. Gregs2k2 says:

    Amazing work as always guys. I’m holding off downloading this until it’s done, then i’m going to do a full featured video on it. Can’t wait! Thanks for all the time and effort you’re putting into this. 🙂

  19. mofail says:

    Glad to see the sisters both have ears now, loving the new texture work with the animals especially the cows. Don’t think anyone ever did new textures for the cows ever before.

    So it’s been long established that this project is trying to stay as close to the original as possible but…. is the burning police man really going to be left like that? He is on fire after all so shouldn’t there be more burn damage to clothing & flesh? The original Capcom design has been so blatantly lazy in places so why not add more different textures in places where it would make sense? With respect I hope you’ll reconsider this.

    • albert says:

      Hehehe I was waiting for some feedback about this and some ideas. Any picture references are welcomed!
      Maybe the lower part (pants and shoes) should me more… “melted” and toasted or something… I don’t want to look extremely different to the original, but it’s true it has absolutely no sense the original textures are IDENTICAL to the no-burned-policeman textures. Only the face whith all that reddish black dirty and the hole in the chest are the only differences in the original textures.

      • mofail says:

        I think with regards to the face a new model maybe better but you’ll have to use your imagination. I think it should look much more damaged, bloodier & gory but with fabric damage try something like these for inspiration…



        The standard blackened face with undamaged uniform made no sense to me at all even the first time I saw it. Would it be possible to add a torch fire/flame effect to the body in places?…. good luck!

        • Alvin says:

          If you want something truly gnarly, I suggest the following things:

          Cloth pieces partly shredded.
          Skin partly hanging loose.
          Distorted / severed limbs.
          Agonized face.

          What I don’t get is why they still have their hats on. They plunged off a cliff. xD

          • albert says:

            Haha that’s what I always thought. My guess is they really jump off the car before the crash but they were knocked out and killed later.
            Anyway the hat on has no sense the same way all the characters’ haircut remain intact during all the game. But there’s nothing inside the hat. If you remove the hat model you’ll find a plain and unmapped head, so there’s no way to know what kind of haircut the policemen have because it was never modeled.

            Thanks for the suggestions! It sounds…. really gory XD

          • [ROLO] says:

            Probably the hat was left for us to easily recognize that it was the policeman from the beginning of the game

        • albert says:

          Thanks again for the suggestions. I’ll see what can I do. I hope I can obtain a result that doesn’t deviate too much of the original, but is as gory as it should taking into consideration his entire body is in flames!

  20. lo de la chaqueta es alucinante!! y le hacia una falta increible desde luego. Me gustan muchisimo las mejoras en poligonos y no puedo esperar para ver que nuevas estais preparando.

    • albert says:

      Me daba miedo tocar la chaqueta. Las mangas y el resto de la prenda están en dos archivos por separado y ha sido un horror conseguir que los nuevos polígonos se sincronicen bien cuando los hombros se mueven… pero lo he conseguido! bufff

  21. Sturmfront says:

    first, greetings from Germany. You spend so much time in this work. Its crazy. I love your crow retexture. the wings with feathers looks really great. I Love your rust tetxture on the Dog trap. the woman ganados what should i say its cool. In the end i must say: thanks for your dedication.

  22. Bruce says:

    Great stuff as always! Do you plan on fixing the zipper teeth on Leon’s jacket and the weird crease on his fly?

  23. Higor Santos says:

    Tell me that this will one day go out to consoles, please !!

  24. Lachlan says:

    Great job! I think the female gonados’ clothes do not look quite right. The creases in their clothes (especially on the sleeves of the first one) look too deep, like creased leather.

    • C. says:

      This is my only complaint as well. Especially in shot K the clothes look really overblown and highlighted. But small faults in an otherwise great presentation. I am sure he could get around to it eventually.

    • albert says:

      Thank you!
      I’ll take a look at it on Photoshop. Maybe the new lighting of that area makes the clothes to look like that at that camera angle. I’ll double check it 😉

  25. slug camargo says:

    I’m especially blown away by the details in the faces. This is definitely coming out as a full-fledged current-gen game. Capcom might as well license your work and port it to PS4/Xbone, it’d be a bomb.

    I just went back to check the screens again. That jacket, man! THOSE DETAILS!

    I guess I’m gonna spend my next playthrough sniping all over the place just to check the face textures 😀

  26. C. says:

    Absolutely splendid work. My only preference is that in ANIMALSK the lady’s dress is lit up a bit too much for whatever reason. Maybe tone that down a bit. Other than and maybe fixing a couple seam issues this is fantastic work.

    • albert says:

      Hello and thanks for the feedback!
      Yep, we’ll fix as many seams as possible. About the Ganado picture: please, take a look at the “NOTICE” at the begining of the post 😉

  27. Jim James says:

    Can you show us some of the death scenes? some of then are pretty buggie in the original version, like when Ada gets beheaded

    • albert says:

      What do you mean? Could you specify it with images or a video that shows the issues?
      Anyway, right now we can’t edit animations at will

      • Jim James says:

        Thank for the reply! I try to specify it and send to you guys

        • BlackHood says:

          They fixed it in UHD and console version. Ada chainsaw death scene bug is only exist in original PC version (the floating neck is what you mean right?). Because in the original PC version they use exact the same leon’s decapitated neck model (with the same file not separated). And that’s the reason why ada’s neck is floating in original PC version.

      • Sean says:

        Although I’m not 100% certain, its been a long time since I actually played, but I think I remember that.

        I think the original gamecube version had a slightly slower death animation for when the chainsaw guy cuts the players head off. I remember Leons head actually rolling on the ground. In the ps2 version they basically censored it by having the camera move into a weird angle. They they sort of corrected it in later HD versions but its still quicker than the gamecube was.

        I could be wrong, but I think Ada does not actually lose her head, she just falls in a quick way that you cant see her head at the angle the camera is positioned.

  28. Luciano Oliveira says:

    Amazing ! Very good, the chicken to ???

  29. dreadfield says:

    hi guys amazing update as always
    i noticed one picture that has some weird change in leon face texture.
    In the picture number 6 low right leon from side i can se some shadow jaw line thats is diferent and curve compared to the original i am sure you still touching leon so thats the only thing i saw the rest amazing!!

    • albert says:

      Thanks for the feedback!
      This is really not noticeable in motion but I’m sure I’ll do some more revisions to Leon’s face texture at some point. So, I’ll take that into consideration!

      • dreadfield says:

        Is always an entertainment to me, to give feedback, to you guys , and, because this is , an special game.
        I always trying to do so, in a good and positive way, always trying to help nothing else.
        best regards!!

  30. Luciano de Oliveira says:

    What about the snakes. You do it to?

  31. Carlos Padua says:

    Hey, the results look great! By the way, I know it doesn’t have anything to do with this post and I also might be wrong about that, but I believe that Luis’ in-game Red 9 model is still the original one. If that’s really the case, can/will you guys change it to the hd one? Thank you for your efforts! 😉

    • albert says:

      And sure thing! Everything that looks bad in the latest release will be remastered in the final pack 😉 (characters, enemies, end of chapter and file background images, etc…)

  32. Ascaron says:

    Love the new 3d view of Leon, although the female ganado with the white apron got too dark to me. I think it needs a little more “light” to resemble more the original model. You are doing a great work, nonetheless!!

    • albert says:

      Please, take a look at the “NOTICE” at the beginning of the post.
      If she turns back his face will be brighter and the back darker because the lighting in that room has been edited. It all makes sens in motion 🙂

      • Ascaron says:

        Ah, ok, I didn’t consider that! That’s perfect then 🙂

      • Boringtv says:

        Dear Albert, I heard there’s some unused cutscene on chapter 3-2 (Novistador).
        Do you know what is the filename of that cutscene?
        And is it posible to get past Salazar statue QTE’s on 60fps? I know I could do it before, but now it seems impossible even with a keyboard.

  33. Guilherme says:


  34. MyNameIsJEFF says:

    on this wallpaper, we can see how far could you go if wasn’t for the graphics limitations. a lot of people are criticizing some mini textures that look a little rubbish, without considering the graphics’ engine.

  35. Alexandr says:

    Can’t wait for the final release! Q1 2019? hooope

  36. Togan says:

    What in God’s name…

    That sums up the work you do on this HD Project <3

    I notice in some shots that the lighting on the models is not that good.
    *ANIMALS J-L* The light cast upon the female ganado look dull compared to Original Lighting. Notice the Knife she wields, in Original Knife is "shiny" due to light reflecting off steel blade knife. In other scenes, her skin is correctly lit (Original) in the scene to show light source in scene; yet looks dark and lifeless in "HD Project" version.

    Furthermore the Wolf in one scene not look correct. Did you change the skeleton or bones in rig ? His mouth and face structure looks very strange in HD Project version in this shot *ANIMALSR* Note his head, ears and mouth position. He looks more like a domestic dog in HD Project, not like a Wild Wolf.

    Other changes look very nice, keep up the good work Albert & Cris!!
    PS. Look at the Ganado's weapons, they need work on.
    PPS. I save the Leon Wallpaper…it may come in handy 🙂

  37. Bobby says:

    Love these updates! Your guys work is stunning. Some things I noticed were,
    1. In the image with the red haired woman holding the knife, the wood wall in the back has a line all the way down it.
    2. In the final image the leather ring around the lower arm/wrist of Leon’s jacket is much thicker.
    3. I like the idea of the officer’s pants and jacket burning but the orange bits look more like paint to me

  38. Igor says:

    Nossa estou esperando ansiosamente pela próxima atualização! entro no site todos os dias pra ver se tem coisa nova. o trabalho de vocês é perfeito!!!!

  39. Saad says:

    Hey Albert your work is awesome and I extremely appreciate the hard work and time you are putting into it but i have a slight thing to recommend……..
    The new model of Leon’s face is detailed and clear but in the new face there are certain dark spots like on his cheeks and upper lip area similarly the pink glow on face of previous Leon has been replaced by a brown shade.That brown shade makes me feel that there are wrinkles on his face and he looks a bit older…
    So i will recommend you to PLEASE smoothen his face a little bit and make the skin of his face a little pink so it gives a life like feel.
    Keep on doing the great work

    • albert says:

      Sorry for the late reply. I forgot to answer!
      I think most of the differences are caused by the different lighting. Both original and remastered textures in Photoshop looks almost exactly the same, and the colour matches 100% the original skin colour. I’ll probably take a final look at his face texture so I’ll take that into consideration for sure.
      Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  40. Guitar Player says:

    Looks awesome as always.

    Again nice work on removing old light casts on characters.

    Can’t wait to try it with some real casted lights (torches, thunder) at 4K.



  42. mashakos says:

    I never post on modder update posts with release date questions because I prefer modders take their time but in this case… the hype is too MUCH!! I’ve been holding off playing the game for two years now just waiting for this project to reach 90% completion. lol

  43. Daniel Rodrigues says:

    I’m so excited to the next update

  44. Superbegita says:

    Hi guys Chris and Wesker both of you.. hehe i see that the project is still on the road and i think (really think in fact) that in maybre well…approximatively ..well ..5/6 months it will be over and 100% complete (from judging what it left to you to do yet mainly ennemis from the village to the island …and catle and the boos and others characters.)

    Humm i expect a surprise tomorrow i don’t know why..maybe because it will be Christmas ? hehe

    A wallpaper wi all of the mains characters in a Christmas outfit huhuhuh

    Or …maybe another big surprise ?

    I will take my word for and will give you a reward when all of this will be finish for sure (as i have promised in the past ..And i always keep my promises…or i don’t make some i know i won’t be able to handle/keep to..).

    Kepp going guys and ah yes !

    As you may know , soon..very soon in one month Resident evil 2 Remake will be release (even if the manager of Capcom France still keep on saying it’s “not a remake”…huhu).

    I have made some…ad for your work and keep informing some guys because it llok like that well…as much as surprising it look like some are expecting some remake of the 4 and doesn’t know at all your work for the Resident evil 4 so i have told them.

    We just have to wait for the remake of the 3 and Code Veronica and with your work on the 4..theloop will be closed ^^^(no need to remake the 5,6 technically themselves)

    • albert says:

      Haha almost. It’s a small Xmas present in form of a funny video XD A custom render with all the characters would take way too much time hehe

      RE4 needs a new engine with all new lighting and effects. That would be more than enough (and some extra polishing we can’t do because we are not coders) That would be the perfect Remaster for RE4!

      Who says RE2make is not a Remake?? This has no sense haha

      Thank you for the support and for following us!! Merry Christmas! 😀

  45. Johnny says:

    It just keeps getting better and better!!
    Outstanding job you guys are doing here, i have no words, nicely done!!

  46. Marcus says:

    I just wanted to comment that the art render of Leon looks really nice!

    Would be awesome if you could upload the other remade art renders as Wallpaper format aswell, when the game remaster is finished.

    Also hoping that you are remaking the start up image of Separate ways. Would not say no to having that as a textless Wallpaper! 😉

    • albert says:

      Sure thing! It will be a pleasure to prepare a wallpaper set of all the remastered renders once the project is finished! 🙂