Fixing stage 3D models is now possible!

I want to thank you Son of Persia (user from “Resident Evil Modding Forum”) who developed the needed tools to edit 3D environmental models.
This makes possible to fix some graphic “irregularities” all over the game. The next images show you examples for every kind of 3D issue you can find all over the game (before and after the fix).

Bad mapping, seam issues, inverted normals, extremely low poly count… Everything can be solved now. The game is plenty of these and other problems and our intention is to fix only those clearly visible… because the procedure to edit the stage models is very time consuming.

The door’s face is WIP. It’s just an example of what can be done. My intention is to make it look better πŸ™‚

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22 responses to “Fixing stage 3D models is now possible!”

  1. Matt says:

    The eye seems a little off in that 4th picture, but this new development is great news!

  2. Alvare says:

    This is great news! Whooooohoooooo! =D

  3. Keikato says:

    wow? its wreali great! maybe you will invite some n`w guys in your project to work with models? It would be cool if you would like to add at least a little model of the main characters some polygons to make them look more beautiful (its horrible english)

  4. KALUDIO says:

    awesome, this is indeed great news! I remember reading a comment back when i first found this project, it was about remodeling Leon’s 3D model with his higher polygon face form the cut-scenes, would that be possible now? is it possible to remap texture? and if it is, how easy or how hard is it compared with the normal process? as always thanks for your time end effort guys πŸ˜€

    • albert says:

      Thanks to you for commenting and your interest!

      I think so, It should be possible now. And surely someone in the REModing Forums will do it with Leon, Ashley, Ada… eventually πŸ˜‰
      Yes, remap is one of those things we can do now. The second image is an example. But we’ll keep doing it in the normal way: edit textures as much as it’s needed and only edit the 3D model when the issue in unsolvable. I don’t want to mess too much with the models… just in case…

  5. You’re not only re-texturing this game in ”true” HD, you also fixing it! Thank you! Can’t wait! xD

  6. Viper Snake says:

    Great news! This project will be even better now!

  7. V I D A L says:

    Fantastic. This is really great.

  8. Lukas says:

    Would it be easy to replace the models in the inventory with the ones you see when examining them? πŸ˜‰

    • albert says:

      I guess it should be easy… but I didn’t try anything non-stage related yet. So, I can’t say for sure if a simple “copy-paste” is enough. The static nature of inventory items suggest me there won’t be any major problems.

      • V I D A L says:

        Don’t know how far you are willing to mess around with these things, but if you do this inventory thing, see if its possible to have the cutscene characters models replacing the gameplay characters models while you’re at it. Just a suggestion.

        • KALUDIO says:

          i think it would be better if you we suggested on REmods and other forums for people to replace the in game models with the cutscene models, or at least promote people messing with the new tools, so that by the time Cris and Albert are done with the environment textures and move on to characters and npcs we would have a better understanding of whats possible with the 3d editing tools, or better we would have a stable way to import those models to the actual game instead of just the cut scenes.

          • Lukas says:

            The thing is, I clearly remember there was a mod like this for the original PC port. That changed the models in the inventory to the ones you examine.

    • Octrn says:

      Actually, inventory itens on this port does have a poly/vertex limit.. anything beyond the originals will crash the game.
      I’ve been messing with this for some days.

  9. X6205 says:

    IMO it is more than enough to fix bugs only, because when you start modding and move away from vanilla look’n’feel of the game, where you will draw a line? It will be never finished and somebody will be always unsatisfied with something..

  10. Re6Joke says:

    why this statue would have a symmetrical face as none of us have a symmetrical face ?

    • albert says:

      This face problem is not its asymmetry but its low polygon count. This creates ugly distortions and some mapping issues.
      As I said in the post, it’s just an example of what can we do now. And it’s still work in progress. Anyway, I did the “after” model roughly. So, it’s impossible this face is symmetrical πŸ˜‰
      And none of us have an eye triple sizing the other XD

  11. Re6joke says:

    “none of us have an eye triple sizing the other ”
    This is far from impossible in a Mikami game eh eh

  12. Re6joke says:

    so aowesome anyway.

  13. togan says:

    If it ain’t broke,don’t “fix” it…the work you did on the face/door looks off. I see nothing wrong with original artist vision. It’s been too long since I played RE4 to remember the significance of that “face” door object…but I see the red eye looks to be placed correctly in “original” model,set far into door as opposed to in the eye socket like eyeball would sit ie. your rendition. Since the process is so time consuming,I would recommend only “fixing” glaring issues like the other points you highlighted,displaced shadows,vertex corrections,inverted plane normal,sloppy mapping and obvious “slip-ups”

    I wish you,and all involved in “remaking” RE4 in TRUE HD all the best. To make the correct choices on what to “fix” and which to leave as “intended”

    • albert says:

      Don’t worry Togan! I understand you concers about this.

      If you read my last post you saw I said this is just an example of things we can do now and I confirm this is not going to be like this in the final version. I’m not going to spend time giving more polygons to the models like crazy either XD This was just a test.

      Anyway, we had a very bad time adjusting the face texture because of some ugly mapping issues. They were not visible when the low resolution texture was there but using hi-res images made those issues very noticeable. So, I will do something to that face: To solve those mapping issues… and I’ll take the opportunity to polish somewhat the model. That’s it.

      After years modding this game I can say for sure this game is FULL of little graphical issues and it’s quite clear when something is an artist decision and when it is an unaccuracy in the 3D modeler work.

      Remember we are talking about a game created for a SD console. Lots of these issues were barely visible when playing on the GameCube.

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