Look familiar? (XLIII)

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“It” (rooms 31a & 31b)

Hello again! I’ve been able to post this while dealing with heat and humidity… I hate summer! haha

This update will cover both cave rooms 31a and 31b. And Saddler finally introduces us to “It!” (U-3)

This area uses lots of generic metal / stone textures, so the updates are pretty straightforward this time. I added some new 3D details here and there as usual, especially on the doors and control panels. I also tried to fix that terribly patterned stone wall you can see before fighting U-3.

Don’t hesitate posting your thoughts about the work in progress pictures and video! 😉

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Look familiar? (XLII)

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Visiting the Merchant Before the 2 El Gigantes

This is a very small room, but filled with lots of small 3D corrections to make. At the end I’ve included example pictures (not a complete list) of the 3D corrections and improvements made in the room. Enjoy!

Comparison Shots

Additional Examples of 3D Corrections

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Laser Corridor and Saddler’s Room (room 318)

Hello again! Here comes one of the most iconic areas of the game: Saddler’s room!

I didn’t like this area the first time I reached it… because it was an homage to the movie! At the time I didn’t like the movies at all… Now, I consider them quite an entertaining experience, not related at all to the games, and I like the first one the most, actually.

This area is full of shiny metallic surfaces. I tried to apply everything I learned about specular / bump mapping the last few months (with the obvious limitations of this game’s graphic engine).

You can see the results of applying custom specular and bump maps to some of the textures in the video.

Please, feel free to comment on these work-in-progress textures (most of them are re-creations) and the model edits!


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Look familiar? (XLI)

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Q&A with RageQuitters


Gregs2k2 over at RageQuitters was kind enough to reach out to us for an interview. Check out the Q&A here!


There are also a couple of more recent comparison shots at the end of the article. Enjoy!


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Reunion with an Old Friend (rooms 316 & 317)

Hello everybody!

This week’s update covers rooms 216 and 217. This area is full of cutscenes. Remember, we’ll update the character and enemy textures after we finish all the environtmental stuff. And talking about that… This is the first time I tried editing a character cutscene model (Krauser) and it was a success! I just fixed a little bug (see picture 317B.jpg) but I’m guessing this is an indication we can fix/update other character /enemy models as well when needed. 🙂

The rest of the work has been as usual: Some original source pictures were found, but the vast majority of textures have been re-created. And I added some extra 3D detail here and there.

That specular effect at the end of the video (last picture) will be improved. I’m doing some test and research about how to improve the effect. It depends on the number of polygons in the model, its geometry, the vertices being welded or not… Anyway, it won’t look as good as many current gen games, of course, but the graphic engine of this game has some potential.

I hope you like the work in progress pictures and video! 😉


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Look familiar? (XL)

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I Still Get Nervous Around Verdugo…

Hi everyone! Right now I’m working on the room with the huge drill right before you fight the two El Gigantes. That room is BY FAR the messiest room I’ve worked on so far and almost every model is requiring some form of correction.

So tonight I’m taking a small break to share with you my progress from the rooms where you encounter / fight Verdugo. 🙂 Re-creating the control panels and improving the 3D models was sometimes tedious, but satisfying work.

Hope you enjoy the work in progress!

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