Save/Load Typewriter Screen

Hello everyone! This is just a quick update.

I wanted to show you this work in progress save/load screen. I’ve re-created all the pieces but the platen knob with Photoshop. This one was re-created and animated in 3D.

I’ve been doing multiple minitasks all at the same time the last weeks. For example, I’m porting all hi-poly “examine” weapons models ingame, optimizing sub-screen item models and refining a few Village inaccuracies, etc…

Let’s back to work!

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Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part VIII) – END

Hello again!

Finally, I’ve finished all Village area refinements. What does this mean exactly? This entire section finally received all needed 3-D, lighting, and effect adjustments, just like Castle section. So, the Progress Table now is accurate when it says the Village section is “complete.” (When we created the table originally, we didn’t know that we’d be able to make these additional kinds of corrections, so instead of creating a more complex table, we simply left it as it was.)

What’s in this update:

  • The night-time lighting on the character models is a little more realistic (I really enjoyed a lot calibrating these lights!).
  • I also made Leon’s flashlight light 100% white. It was yellowish but —correct me if I’m wrong— flashlights usually use Xenon or LED bulbs, which cast white light…
  • You’ll also notice in the screenshots the typical reddish tone removal. So, everything looks slightly cooler, like in the original GC/Wii versions
  • I’ve improved hundreds of 3-D models in every possible way: remapping, improving models, location corrections, and other slight adjustments…
  • Some texture improvements here and there

What’s next:

Right now I’m working on a way to optimize the file structure of the game. People who are into modding already know that every single room pack contains ALL the item textures. For example, the green herb texture is inside every single room’s pack file (along with all other pickup-able items). However, there is a way of including just one instance of those textures in another pack file, and then make the 3-D model to call the texture from *that* pack file instead of calling it from the room pack file. We would then be able to replace all duplicates with dummy 4×4 pixel textures. This would reduce the total final pack size by a few hundred MBs!

So, I think I’ll also take the opportunity to revise all of the item and treasure textures and models (if needed). Let’s see if we also can replace the low-poly item model versions from Leon’s case with hi-poly models. Right now the game crashes when we replaced one of the models included inside the ss_pzzl.dat file, but we should be able to find a way to avoid this problem!

Have a great week!

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Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part VII) – CHURCH


It’s time for another Village revision. Only 4 more rooms and I’ll reach the end of the lighting/effect/3D model Village revisions! 

This time the post is focused on just one room: the church. The reason for this is that it needed tons of corrections (see the gallery below). Its architectural structure makes inaccuracies much more obvious and I found graphical issues at every turn. Updates include:

  • Re-revised textures
  • Improved 3D models
  • Lots of remapping work
  • Adjusted shadows
  • Corrected, improved, and additional light sources (where applicable)
  • Adjusted, recovered, and improved effects

Also, I removed the inaccurate red tone again. It would appear after the lights puzzle and was terribly apparent during the long cutscene. 

About picture V-VII-C.jpg: That sequence of “light shadow-dark shadow-no shadow” made no sense: the entire corridor is behind a wall and the only light in there comes from the 2 small candles. This is the reason for those edits. If you play that portion of the room you’ll see what I mean ;).

I hope you like the edits and don’t hesitate in commenting about them!


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Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part VI) – MISCELLANY

Hi! As I promised last time, I’m showing you a pair of cool improvements among the ragbag of edits I’m posting this week 🙂

  • Collision edits are now possible thanks to our tenacious friend Son of Persia, who’s assisting us during this long journey with his inestimable arsenal of tools.

  • Lighting edits. I’m showing you a few more examples of how these kind of edits are handled. Now we know the relationship between breakable items (torches, for example) and a light source, and how both are linked. There is a blue fire on the left in the image below. Also, you’ll notice something is wrong while watching the video…

  • Water edits. Yes, more of them! This time it’s not an improvement, per se. It’s just… a hidden layer of moving water that was underneath the quiet water. This moving layer disappears after activating the dam mechanism. 🙂

  • Fire edits. Another example of how can a fire be “embellished.” 😛

  • And last but not least: Tada!! Again, courtesy of Son of Persia. He was able to understand the unusual bin file structure for those models. I suspect many of you will notice the difference simply from the screenshot below. 😛

And here goes the video. I hope you like it!

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Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part V)

Hello! Let’s continue with our Village area refinements post series!

This time I’m resuming the “normal” Village progress update you saw in Parts I & II. This means I’m focusing mostly on 3D edits and some texture, lighting, and effect improvements in rooms 109, 10a, 10b, 11a, 11b, 10c, 10d and 10e.

Fortunately nature is not as strict as a castle’s architecture in terms of model precision, and several inaccuracies can be understood as “variable.”

I also tried to make the rain effect more intense and closer to the GC/Wii version’s rain.

This gallery is a small selection among the hundreds of adjustments done and I’m saving a pair of surprises 😀 and a more in-depth lighting and effect difference analysis for the next update, so… don’t miss it!

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Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part IV) – WATER!!

Hello everybody!
This week’s update is all about broken water effects and my attempts to restore things to the original GC/Wii look (as much as possible).

I’m not sure how… but I got some decent results! 😀 I was even able to adjust some water sections to behave more dynamically than in the GC/Wii version of the game.

I’ve edited both the water animation textures and the data containing the water effect configurations.

Please note that this is not about editing a single file that will have impact on water throughout the entire game. Every stage has its own water effect configuration and textures, and it must be calibrated room by room. This is a good thing because if adjustments had to be made globally, the results might work for some rooms but not others. But since everything is room-specific, we can optimize the results for each area!

Anyway, this is a 2005 water effect, and it has a lot of limitations. So what you’ll see in the video is (for now) the best we can get. For example, the ripple radius / size is tied to the water effect surface. The bigger the water area, the bigger the ripple will look. This is also the reason that the Lake water wave area is delimited inside a defined square (you may not have noticed this before). Beyond the square you can see some weird texture distortions (a simplified version of the water effect). The main water effect is inside the square and if it was bigger, the ripples would look gigantic!

All these limitations were already in the original. The “broken” part of the effect (and it’s been broken since the PS3/X360 HD ports) is the specular texture mapping over the water plane. It’s all messed up, as you can clearly see in the first cave puddles in the video below.

And that’s all! This time I’m only posting a video since the differences can’t be captured with screenshots. I hope you like it! Try not to fall asleep listening to that music for 13 minutes. XD

Have a nice weekend!!



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Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part III)

It’s time to go back to the Village to apply everything I’ve learned during these last months about lighting and effects!

These last 2 weeks I’ve been touching up the first Village areas (the ones already improved in the two previous “Back to the Village” posts). In the following video you’ll see a small selection of those technical improvements. They are subtle and hard to notice sometimes unless you compare side-by-side, but I think the results are worth the effort.

Also, I’ve been playing a little with the fire effects and I’m pretty satisfied with the intense look it now has in comparison with the original PC effect.

As some of you already know, there was an effect in GC/Wii version of the game that was lost during the HD Revival Selection for the PS3/X360 porting process. It was never restored in later ports (PC/PS4/XONE). This effect consists of an extra layer of intensity over almost all fires in the game. It was like a subtle bloom effect around the fire textures. This effect became a reddish / yellowish filter that engulfed the entire screen. That’s why some rooms in the PS3 and later releases of the game have a different colour compared to the original GC / Wii versions.

We’ve restored the original colours, as you know, and now I’m trying to bring back some extra intensity to some of the fires, in an effort to correct the loss of that previously mentioned effect.

I’ve also included some extra nonsense footage at the end of the video. 😛

I hope you like all the edits! Have a great weekend!!

(Please, take a look at the video. Some edits can’t be captured with simple screenshots)


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Beautiful Sunrise (Rooms 331, 332 and 333 – END)

Hi everyone!

I still can’t believe I reached the end of the game… But there’s a lot of work left to do!
After this, I’m going back to the Village and I’ll apply everything we’ve learned about 3D, lighting, and effects. It should require just a portion of the time that was needed to do all the texture work. So, don’t panic! 😛

About this update: today I’m showing you comparison images of the last 3 rooms of the game. This time the texture and 3D work was of an average difficulty.

You’ll notice the typical texture and modeling updates.

Ashley’s shadow has been toned down. In fact, originally it was doubled! This seems to be a typical mistake in several rooms. Her shadow is sometimes placed twice and it makes it look terribly dark.

I also brought back some missing effects during the cut-scenes (Leon’s knife, lights, and sun bloom effects) and I fixed as much as possible the terrible water effect in the last cut-scene. It doesn’t look as beautiful as the Gamecube / Wii versions do, but at least they are not visually distracting anymore. 🙂

As usual, enjoy the work in progress pictures and video and feel free to leave your comments and feedback!

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The Castle Release is Now LIVE!

Click here to proceed: Castle Release Instructions and Download

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It’s Time We Go Home… (Room 330)

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last regular post. Well… I think this one won’t be all that “regular” either, but at least I’ll show you some new progress with the Island areas!

First of all, I wanted to share with you that I had surgery in my left eye a few days ago. It was nothing too serious: subcapsular cataracts. It’s a kind of cataract that affects even young people. Hey, but now I have a brand new crystalline! 🙂 My right eye received its surgery 3 years ago, and so I finally have complete cyborg vision haha.

And just in case someone is wondering, this disease is hereditary and wasn’t caused by straining my eyes too much. I’m saying this because a lot of people tell me: “This happened because you spend too many hours in front of the screen!!!”

It’s been really annoying to work with a “fog filter” during all this time but I fended for myself pretty well. Here’s a re-creation of how my vision was before the surgery:

Now everything looks so clean and contrasted…

The main post-operative impact is that I lost the capacity to focus, which means that for the rest of my life I’ll need to use glasses for short distance viewing, no matter what.


That said, here are some of the work-in-progress comparison shots for room 330. This room is not as terrible as 329 was, but I’m really happy this is the last area with lab equipment.

I’ve been able to locate some of the original source photography and machinery used in this stage, and this saved me some re-creation time.

About the 3D edits: Almost everything has been remapped / remodeled / touched up. I also added a pair of fluorescent tubes with their corresponding light and bloom effects because there were 2 light sources in the room coming from nowhere.

As usual, I hope you enjoy the work in progress pictures and video!


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