Reunion with an Old Friend (rooms 316 & 317)

Hello everybody!

This week’s update covers rooms 216 and 217. This area is full of cutscenes. Remember, we’ll update the character and enemy textures after we finish all the environtmental stuff. And talking about that… This is the first time I tried editing a character cutscene model (Krauser) and it was a success! I just fixed a little bug (see picture 317B.jpg) but I’m guessing this is an indication we can fix/update other character /enemy models as well when needed. 🙂

The rest of the work has been as usual: Some original source pictures were found, but the vast majority of textures have been re-created. And I added some extra 3D detail here and there.

That specular effect at the end of the video (last picture) will be improved. I’m doing some test and research about how to improve the effect. It depends on the number of polygons in the model, its geometry, the vertices being welded or not… Anyway, it won’t look as good as many current gen games, of course, but the graphic engine of this game has some potential.

I hope you like the work in progress pictures and video! 😉


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Look familiar? (XL)

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I Still Get Nervous Around Verdugo…

Hi everyone! Right now I’m working on the room with the huge drill right before you fight the two El Gigantes. That room is BY FAR the messiest room I’ve worked on so far and almost every model is requiring some form of correction.

So tonight I’m taking a small break to share with you my progress from the rooms where you encounter / fight Verdugo. 🙂 Re-creating the control panels and improving the 3D models was sometimes tedious, but satisfying work.

Hope you enjoy the work in progress!

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Treacherous Road (rooms 30f and 315)

Hello again!

This time we’ll let Ashley take the control of the situation. This is the truck area and I had a “great” time re-creating all kinds of weird pipes and cables…

I always loved the room that comes after that. It looked quite nice even with the original textures and models. I enjoyed remastering that little place a lot. The floor texture is from my city, Barcelona, and it was quite difficult taking those pictures. They were of a floor in a really dark room, and I needed to take more than 20 pictures with flash at a very close distance, and then I joined all the “pieces.”

It was in a famous tourist building. I visited that place with a friend of mine. He disappeared while I was taking the pictures! Mostly because he felt embarrassed, because I was taking pictures of the floor as if I was nuts… Then I found myself alone with one of the guides of the place and she asked me: “Oh! Were you taking pictures of the ornaments of those banisters? They are beautiful! Aren’t they?”And I answer: “Ahmmm… nope…. I was taking pictures of the floor… Please, don’t ask why…” XD

Enjoy the work in progress pictures and video! 🙂

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Look familiar? (XXXIX)

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Back to the Village for Some Fresh Air (Part II)

Hello people!

It’s time for a second round of 3D improvements in the Village area. This time I reached the church and the update covers rooms 104, 107, 105, 102, and 108.

I’m showing you just a few of the most apparent improvements I made, but it’s almost impossible to list the countless little details I was able to fix… (mostly mapping and shadow issues). I gave extra 3D detail to the most blocky-looking objects and the objects you are able to see closely (doors, puzzles, etc).

As an extra, I’ve added a final picture showing the differences between the original and the final models and textures for the courtyard church puzzle panel. The original wasn’t that terrible but I thought it was a beautiful comparison to show. 🙂

And now let’s get back to the truck area! Yahooo!!

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Look familiar? (XXXVIII)

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Regenarators Behind the Shutter (rooms 30d / 312)

This week’s update will cover the 2 rooms prior to the truck area.
I’d say they were a piece of cake after all the previous Island rooms… As you can see, both rooms are quite plain and boring compared to what we’ve seen so far.

Almost all textures were re-created this time and just a few 3D edits were needed for the ugliest-looking elements.
Please, don’t hesitate in commenting about these work-in-progress pictures and video 🙂

Que passeu una bona Setmana Santa!

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Inside the Tower (Two Garradors??)

I still remember how freaked out I was when I first entered this room over 10 years ago, seeing two Garradors in the same room. 🙂

Now, going through the room in detail, I see that it’s really quite a mashup of different architectural textures that felt forced together. There were also many many 3D corrections to be made so that wall textures would align correctly, to fix warping issues, etc. In the end I’m happy overall with the results and I hope you enjoy the work in progress!

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Look familiar? (XXXVII)

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