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Separate Ways – Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Hi! Here comes the Ada’s final chapter (part 1 :P) I’ve spent more time that I thought in the first area… I didn’t remember it looked so bad! It seems they reused PS2 assets because the area was slightly different … Continue reading

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Separate Ways – Chapter 4 (Part 2)

  Hello again! And here comes the second update from Separate Ways – Chapter 4. All comparison shots are from the first area, as the other 3 rooms are almost the same as what you saw in prior posts from … Continue reading

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Separate Ways – Chapter 4 (Part 1)

Here goes another round! Today I’m showing you the 4th chapter of Separate Ways. Since this chapter has some exclusive areas (or heavily modified areas from Leon’s campaign), I’ve split this chapter’s update into 2 parts. The first part covers … Continue reading

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Sub Screens HD Remaster!

Hello! This week I’ll show you all the progress I’ve made with the sub-screen and inventory screen textures and models. This remaster work will be for all 5 languages. Please take a look at the entire gallery bellow. OPTION SCREEN: … Continue reading

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Separate Ways – Chapter 3 + BONUS

Hello! Better late than never. ;P Here’s a new update covering the 3rd Chapter of the Separate Ways Mini-game. There’s nothing new compared to what you’ve already seen in the Leon’s counterpart areas, nor the improvements we can do to … Continue reading

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Separate Ways – Chapter 2 + BONUS

Hello everyone! Here comes the second chapter of our favorite spy mini-game. Everything mentioned in the last post is also applicable here: Remastered textures, no more PS2 remnants (other than the video cut-scenes), and tons of lighting adjustments (especially during … Continue reading

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Separate Ways – Chapter 1

Hi! I’ve been making great progress with inventory-related work over the last 2 weeks (including overcoming the crashing issues when improving Leon’s inventory models), but I still want to polish it up a bit more before sharing the final results. … Continue reading

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The Mercenaries (Part 2)

Hello everybody! I’m back with renewed energy! This week, as expected, I’m showing you the other two Mercenaries stages. I’m especially proud of the results in the “Waterworld” stage. There were some weird and nonsensical shadows here and there and … Continue reading

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Weapons & Mercenaries (Part I)

Here comes another update! It’s time to apply all of the knowledge and edits we made in the main game stages to the Mercenaries areas. I’ll show you in the following video the first and second rooms. I recorded 2 … Continue reading

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Save/Load Typewriter Screen

Hello everyone! This is just a quick update. I wanted to show you this work in progress save/load screen. I’ve re-created all the pieces but the platen knob with Photoshop. This one was re-created and animated in 3D. I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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